About Us


This whole adventure started during the Canada 150 events during 2017. These events went very well and ended up being recognized by the province of Manitoba as an outstanding Community Achievement.  

Well, that event was completed, and time went on. One day in 2018 when Ed Heppner called up Kelvin Bueckert and invited him over for a visit. It was an evening of dreaming that led to the process of stage building. 

Eventually, the stage was built by Squirrel Creek Trailers as part of planned events for Manitoba 150. 

These events didn't turn out quite as planned due to the COVID lockdowns…but a stage had been built and was put to use for various outdoor events. 

The stage continues to be used for the benefit of the community. 

If you have an idea, contact us, we love to see dreams come alive!

Christmas Greetings

A video of Christmas greetings and encouragement from The Mobile Stage Co.