The Stage in Use

A look at the different things that the stage has been used for in the past. 

The stage dimensions are 26 feet x 15.5 feet, 9 feet high. 

In the ribbon cutting ceremony video below there is footage of a walk around on the stage itself. 

There is also a look at the sound board and mics included below. 

The stage has a/c outlets on it. There needs to be a generator or an a/c outlet nearby to plug into to get power onto the stage. 

The Stage in Action

A look at the set up and use of the stage.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Take a look at the construction of the stage, take a walk on the stage itself, and then watch the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Mobile Stage Company. 

Sound Equipment

A look at the sound system that is included with the stage. There are also four mic stands and one music stand available. The speakers can be mounted on the stage itself…or pulled out and mounted on portable speaker stands.